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One-sentence blog post: 800 words.

 Hi so this is a blog post with way too many commas, semicolons, and dashes- as this blog post has no periods, question marks, or exclamation points, this blog post is one giant sentence; i also need to announce the retiration of The Quarantine Occasional, the Quarantine  Occasional was one of my favorite things to do over quarantine, but as I am no longer in self-quarantine, although the pandemic is still raging, I think that a rebrand would be in order, so we're closing up shop here and moving a block away to gayfrog dot xyz (am I allowed to use a period there, I think that I should just say "dot" to be careful) GayFrog dot xyz will have everything The Quarantine Occasional had, but a better upload schedule, and more well-thought-out blog posts (evidently this is not one of those as this post is one giant run on sentence;) Gay Frog dot xyz will also have words about my studies and projects, which The Quarantine Occasional did not have as the Quarantine Occasional was em

Egotistic imbecile ruins country, fails rerun

 Guess who it’s about.

How reading "STAMPED" by Ibram X Kendi has expanded my thinking of race and racism

These questions are from my English teacher. What do the old people say? Oh, yes, kudos  to you, Ms. Maria. What have you learned about how racism works and the work of antiracism? I have learned that racism works by implanting one racist thought into many people’s minds. This thought then spreads, evolves, and expands, until it is pushed into the roots of our government system. As humanity evolves, this racist thought is painted over in our system, but the thought remains, and it stays with the people who believe in it. These thoughts are passed down to children at a young age, and since their minds are still growing they believe it. As they grow older the thought cannot be removed from their head. The work of antiracism battles this, fighting for equality between all humans by trying to not expel these thoughts, but provoke conversations around why these thoughts are unfair and not okay. Over time, children are taught anti racist thoughts, and we only have a small group of racists. S

Are you gay?

 Hi, hi! My name is Gigi, *oop* sorry I just got a text from my friend, Dorothy! Yea, the reason I have headphones on is because I was listening to Girl in Red. Oop, lemme just take a quick sip of this *tap water*. If you don’t understand these you are not a true Gaymer.

Billie Eilish: My Field of Vision is Slightly Clogged, a film by R.J. Knife

  I have madeth a store. . I have madeth a tumblr.

My Strange Addiction - to Public Radio

I recently watched Billie Eilish documentary, The World's a Little Blurry.  It was absolutely phenomenal, and I would completely recommend it to everyone and anyone. Except for fascists 'cos they don't deserve that enjoyment. Anyways, I've been listening to Billie Eilish since the fourth grade. Unfortunately, though, I won't be getting one of these: (but for Billie Eilish) Because I had Spotify, then Apple Music, then Amazon Music, and then Spotify again so there's no way that could happen to me. Anyways, for my addiction. I've been listening to the show This American Life  in the car with my dad for as long as I can remember. In fact, whenever they introduce it (from WBEZ in Chicago it's This American Life, today's theme...) I talk along with them. This show is absolutely amazing. Every week they choose a theme and air stories around that theme, for example they recently had an episode about secrets,  and there were stories about secrets, from the s

Mars Rover "Perseverance" successfully lands on Mars

 WHOOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now this is a cause for celebration. NASA HAS LANDED ANOTHER ROVER ON MARS! Also, my dad let me eat in my room. My father never lets me eat in my room. My parents are big believers in eating together as a family. However, I was watching the livestream of the Mars Rover landing on my phone, and franticly typing on my laptop, so he just plopped my plate down on my desk.  Check out Mark Rober's crash course on the Mars 2020 landing, which is endorsed by NASA! Watch (or rewatch) the landing! Explore the mission's official website! Welp, anyways I just wanted to say that, and share those resources with you!