How To Turn Your iPad Into a Laptop

So Apple just released the brand-new Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro and iPad Air 4th generation (see my thoughts on these iPads) starting at 250$ for the 11-inch, and you’re probably either thinking “Hell yeah! Take my money!” Or “Hell No! I could practically get another iPad for that price!” 

So many of us have instead turned to a different brand, probably on Amazon. (Here’s a list of our favorite iPad touchpad+keyboard cases for under 100$) Even if you do get the Magic Keyboard, you might be thinking “now what?” So here’s the way to connect a bluetooth keyboard and mouse to any iPad running iOS 13.4 or later. (If your keyboard isn’t bluetooth, there is a really simple way to connect it. You simply find the three small dots at the bottom of your iPad, and match them up with the three dots on the keyboard, whether it’s magnetic or a stand.

First, you want to make sure that bluetooth is turned on on your iPad, and then you want to turn on your keyboard/mouse. When the name of you keyboard/mouse appears (it usually has the word keyboard or mouse in it, but the name could be anything) tap it. If prompted, enter the activation code on your keyboard, and then press enter. 

The same applies to the mouse, except without the activation code. Instead you might get a popup that says:

Click ‘OK’ if needed, and then you’re all set. As you can see below, the iPad cursor is nothing like a cursor on a Mac or PC. It is a small circle (you can change the size in Settings-General-Trackpad and Mouse) that will change color depending on what color you’re hovering over.

For example, if you hover over something dark, the cursor will turn light to stand out, whereas if you hover over something light, the cursor will turn dark.

Tell me what you think about the iPad with keyboard! Do you like or dislike the mouse? What is your opinion on the Magic Keyboard? And don’t forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter, delivered right to your inbox!


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