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Why do people wake up so late?

Engin Akyurt on Pixabay I am what many people would call a morning person.  I wake up at around 7:00 am, (this is actually quite late for many people) and I read for a bit, but then I get a bit bored, you know? Because after the cat has been meowing at the door to get outside for half an hour, I am so annoyed and my headache is so bad that I give in and let him out. And he saunters off wherever, doing whatever he does, giving me the tail up so I have a clear shot of his anus. (**borf**) Anyway, I get bored, ya know? So I text my friend, but she's not up yet! Because she is what is called not a morning person.  And my other friends? Well, only two of them are over here with me on team morning , it seems as though everyone   hates mornings! What's the deal with this? Mornings are great, that's why they exist: to give us more time in the day. Are you a morning person or not a morning person? If you're not a morning person, please tell me why mornings are so unattractive! (


This is the new trans flag emoji: 🏳️‍⚧️. If that doesn’t look like a little trans flag and instead looks like this:🏳️‍⚧️, you gotta go update your OS. (At least on Mac, it's OS 11, Big Sur. On iOS, it's 14.2. IDK about other operating systems. It's kind of odd that it was up until now only available on FaceBook and WhatsApp. WhatsApp actually HID THE EMOJI, that is they didn't say that they were releasing the emoji in the update, but of course, people found it! Unicode, the company that makes all the emojis for all the operating systems, has FINALLY decided that the lack of a trans flag emoji is offensive, (my trans group chat has had a rainbow flag as it's symbol for two years, and none of us are gay. (homosexual, that is. We all identify as gay, but I'm not  only attracted  to non binary people. Anyways, this is especially revolutionary because last year the Trans Flag Emoji 🏳️‍⚧️ was shunted aside to make way for the LOBSTER EMOJI 🦞, because apparently it

Happy Transgender Awareness Week!

  Image Credit: Hi everyone! Sorry, I almost forgot I had a blog! Anyway, HAPPY TRANSGENDER AWARENESS WEEK! Like, I thought we had a whole month, but at least Google is being cool! Take a look!: I mean, it's not much when you think about our murder toll from last year, but it's a FREAKING TRANS FLAG CONFETTI BANNER!!! Like, that's frickin awesome. Best, Gigi Currently Quarantined

If Donald Trump Wins the Election

Hey, it's me again. Right now, it is 9:15 pm pacific time, and Joe Biden is leading the polls by 105 electoral votes. Trump is expected to win the swing states, but we don't know yet. I can't sleep, thinking about this. If you don't agree with me on politics, that is OK. I don't hold it against you, Joe Biden is not my favourite person, nor will he be a perfect president if elected. All we can do is refresh the Google Election Results Page frantically as if our life depends on it. Now for what this post is actually about: if Trump wins, it is OK. You are still loved. You are still alive. You still matter. But also, no. I don't know if I will be able to live with such a hating man in office. Sure, I can move to Europe, (which I am going to do if he wins, I literally have plane tickets in my 'cart' and as soon as he wins I'm pressing 'checkout.') but there are still so many people who are hated by im that can't flee the country. I don't

No Matter What: VOTE! and my Election Day 2020 Playlist

  Today is the election. So if I haven't already mentioned it, and you haven't voted yet, go vote! Your voice matters. You deserve to be heard. Even if you and I disagree on "parties," we are all American. If you live in America, you are an American, citizen or not. I have compiled a playlist of songs for today, and I think that everyone should hear it. I have embedded the links for Spotify and Apple Music. Sorry, but those are the only 2 services I have, and Spotify is free. Anyway, no matter who wins this election, you matter. You are loved. Whether it's by your parents, partner, best friend, or me, you are loved and you matter. Anyway, please do listen to that playlist, and make sure to subscribe to our Occasional newsletter.  Thanks for reading, Gigi Currently Quarantined ELECTION DAY 2020 PLAYLIST: Best, Gigi Currently Quarantined

Crazy Dog Goes on Rampage Chasing After Own Shadow

     Okay, so as you do not know, I have a dog, Professor Fern Buttercup. Fern also has a blog, . Anyway, yesterday I was sitting on the couch, watching Schitt's Creek, when she came BOUNDING ACROSS THE ROOM into the KITCHEN, and was jumping up and down on her own SHADOW! It was the funniest thing! Oh, yeah, she knocked over a couple of chairs and uprooted a lightning cable from the FLOOR! Crazy girl. Also, she doesn't know how to play fetch! She runs across the yard when I throw the ball, she gets it in her mouth, she looks at me, and runs in the other direction as though she's scared I'm going to take it from her! She just doesn't get that she gets to have more fun if she gives back the ball, so I can throw it again. Anyway, that is all.  Thanks, Gigi Currently Quarantined