Why do people wake up so late?

A cup of coffee on top of an open book in the gaze of a warm sunrise.
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I am what many people would call a morning person. I wake up at around 7:00 am, (this is actually quite late for many people) and I read for a bit, but then I get a bit bored, you know? Because after the cat has been meowing at the door to get outside for half an hour, I am so annoyed and my headache is so bad that I give in and let him out. And he saunters off wherever, doing whatever he does, giving me the tail up so I have a clear shot of his anus. (**borf**) Anyway, I get bored, ya know? So I text my friend, but she's not up yet! Because she is what is called not a morning person. And my other friends? Well, only two of them are over here with me on team morning, it seems as though everyone hates mornings! What's the deal with this? Mornings are great, that's why they exist: to give us more time in the day. Are you a morning person or not a morning person? If you're not a morning person, please tell me why mornings are so unattractive! (In the comments section below.) I really don't understand!

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  1. Im not a morning person
    I think I don’t like them since it can be cold in the morning so i would prefer to be warm underneath the covers but that’s just me :)
    Also some people may not like mornings because school follows lol

    1. I have discovered im actually both. I enjoy mornings, but when waking up i legit just wanna stay in bed.

  2. Ah I see
    Love the profile pic :)


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