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Keeping your video off in Zoom calls is unacceptable

   Image Credit: Hello everyone, welcome back to another  daily  edition of  The Quarantine Occasional.  If you're new here, make sure you hit that  subscribe  button at the top of the page to know when my next page of words comes out! Now, for today's edition. Let's get something out of the way.  Some people need to have their cameras on.  It's as simple as that! However, these people are in the  minority.  These are the people who's computer will literally crash if the video turns on, the people who's sick grandma is in the room with them, or their parents are having a fight, or there is an emergency happening. But I can tell you with full certainty that 90% of the people with their video off just do it because they want to. And it makes distance learning harder than it has to. You see, in in-person class, no one  can  turn their video off. They are stuck in the class. But on distance learning, people use that oppurtunity and take  advantage  of it. I

How I get my work done - the seven apps/things you NEED to have/do to get your work done in distance learning!

  Image Credit: ChilledCow on YouTube Hey everyone! Just as an update, I'm trying to post daily now, so make sure you're subscribed to be the first to read my posts! Now, on with today's post! As you all know, I am in school. I'm not telling you where, what school, or what grade I'm in, (7th lmao) but I do suffer from the same problem everyone else does. Procrastination and distraction.  This is a big problem for me, as there are so many shiny and moving buttons to click that take me to seven reload sites and suddenly I'm seeing what I think is hentai? Anyway, I'm very susceptible to clickbait, and I need to stay on track! So, with a bit of research and way too many Chrome extensions, I have found a list of things to keep me on track! AdBlock- best ad blocker : most people have these anyways nowadays, but this is the one I use. It's completely free and open-source, and is a Chrome extension that completely changed my life. It blocks all  the ads, and alt

A Fire Story by Brian Fies - best graphic novel I've ever read

  Hello everyone! Over the pandemic, I have not done as much reading as I would like to have. And by that I mean I have done zero. I really only started reading again a month ago, before that I was on devices so much that I never read. However, I recently got into graphic novels again, and I want to tell you about one in particular. It’s called “A Fire Story.” It is by the amazing Brian Fies, and is about his and his neighbors story of the Paradise fires. I remember during the fires I was on a plane from Sacramento to LAX, and we were worried they might cancel the flight since, as we were flying over Paradise, we saw the fires burning. But back to the book. He woke up at 1:30, and there was smoke. He and his wife thought they were only going to be gone for a few days, so he lost everything other than two sets of clothes, a faulty backup hard drive of his computer, the cat and dog, Pooh and Piglet, and a couple other items they saw at first. Among other items, he lost every comic he’d e

Why I don’t like Joe Biden, even though I’m a far left radical

Source: Edit: So Biden is good now. Edit 2: So I don't like Biden again. Overview of this article: If we (America) are on a number spectrum, Trump sent us into negative numbers. Right now Joe Biden is bringing us back to 0, and I'm upset that people are celebrating this. Once Biden brings us into positive numbers, I'll celebrate him.  Let’s get one thing out of the way before I start this: I am not a trump supporter. I am not a conservative. I am not even a centrist. Hell, I’m more left and radical that liberals! What I am is a queer, young, hard left radical socialist with some communist and anarchist viewpoints and a critical diverse lens.  Now on to Joe Biden. He is better than Trump in that he does not have a neurological narcissistic personality disorder, but are his economical views in total really that different? At first, yes. He wants the children taken out of the cages. He wants to “build and better Obama Care.” He wants to put in laws to p

Check out an article I wrote for Medium about JK Rowling!

Image Credit: Sebastian Gonzalez on Twitter  Hi guys! I wrote an article for Medium about JK Rowling... check it out! Best, Gigi Currently Quarantined

2020: A year in Bitmoji

 We made it to 2020! Now, I have compiled a list of Bitmojis that basically sum up 2020! Please read until the end! Jan 1: February: March 13: April: May: June: July: