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Mars Rover "Perseverance" successfully lands on Mars

 WHOOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now this is a cause for celebration. NASA HAS LANDED ANOTHER ROVER ON MARS! Also, my dad let me eat in my room. My father never lets me eat in my room. My parents are big believers in eating together as a family. However, I was watching the livestream of the Mars Rover landing on my phone, and franticly typing on my laptop, so he just plopped my plate down on my desk.  Check out Mark Rober's crash course on the Mars 2020 landing, which is endorsed by NASA! Watch (or rewatch) the landing! Explore the mission's official website! Welp, anyways I just wanted to say that, and share those resources with you!

Zoom Filters, depression, and gluten-free pizza

  Image Credit:   You obviously clicked on this because of it's weird name. Or maybe because you got an email that I had posted? Or maybe you saw the image on Google Images and clicked it to see if you could use the image in your  blog post. (You can, with credit to Zoom.) The options are infinite, just like FILTERS ON ZOOM! Did you hear about the guy who showed up to his judicial hearing on Zoom, and had a cat filter turned on? How can you take a guy seriously if he looks like a flipping cat ? Welp, today is a magnificent day. (Yesterday, really, but I only got the update today.) Today, Zoom released a new update for iPads. And on said update, FILTERS ARE ENABLED! This means I can FINALLY look like I'm in a video game, or like I'm in a movie theatre and IM THE MOVIE! Oh, you don't know HOW happy this makes me. For the longest time I've been upset with my iPad/Chromebook setup, with my iPad for Zooms and my Chromebook for everything else. For so long I