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How reading "STAMPED" by Ibram X Kendi has expanded my thinking of race and racism

These questions are from my English teacher. What do the old people say? Oh, yes, kudos  to you, Ms. Maria. What have you learned about how racism works and the work of antiracism? I have learned that racism works by implanting one racist thought into many people’s minds. This thought then spreads, evolves, and expands, until it is pushed into the roots of our government system. As humanity evolves, this racist thought is painted over in our system, but the thought remains, and it stays with the people who believe in it. These thoughts are passed down to children at a young age, and since their minds are still growing they believe it. As they grow older the thought cannot be removed from their head. The work of antiracism battles this, fighting for equality between all humans by trying to not expel these thoughts, but provoke conversations around why these thoughts are unfair and not okay. Over time, children are taught anti racist thoughts, and we only have a small group of racists. S