One-sentence blog post: 800 words.

 Hi so this is a blog post with way too many commas, semicolons, and dashes- as this blog post has no periods, question marks, or exclamation points, this blog post is one giant sentence; i also need to announce the retiration of The Quarantine Occasional, the Quarantine Occasional was one of my favorite things to do over quarantine, but as I am no longer in self-quarantine, although the pandemic is still raging, I think that a rebrand would be in order, so we're closing up shop here and moving a block away to gayfrog dot xyz (am I allowed to use a period there, I think that I should just say "dot" to be careful) GayFrog dot xyz will have everything The Quarantine Occasional had, but a better upload schedule, and more well-thought-out blog posts (evidently this is not one of those as this post is one giant run on sentence;) Gay Frog dot xyz will also have words about my studies and projects, which The Quarantine Occasional did not have as the Quarantine Occasional was emerged while I was still attending school, Gay Frog dot xyz is emerging while I am not still attending school- instead Gay Frog dot xyz is emerging after I have started at an unschool, which is basically a mentoring place for self directed education, so I hope you have found this blog post awful to read and have found The Quarantine Occasional fun to read, signing off now, Gigi.


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